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A unique solvent free, oil based coating. It has outstanding adhesion and toughness, and dries to a scuff resistant finish. Can be tinted to one of Quantum’s Transparent or Solid Opaque Stain Colours.

  • Environmentally responsible – made form bio based, ecologically sustainable products
  • Non-toxic, low odour, low allergenic
  • A tough scuff resistant finish
  • Complies with the Green Building Council Australia: Green Star – Office Design v3 & Office As Built, Table IEQ-13.1 Maximum TVOC Content Limits for Paints, Varnishes and Protective Coatings.
Price :



7-10m2 per litre depending upon the porosity of the timber, the first coat may use more.


Clear or tinted with Quantum Transparent and Solid Opaque Stains


Low Sheen


<23g per litre


Touch Dry – 2-4 hours, Recoat – 6 hours. In cooler or humid conditions drying times will be longer.

Clean Up



1L, 4L, 10L & 20L

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  1. Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from all dirt, dust, grease and grime
  2. For best results, flood-coat the timber to achieve maximum penetration on the first coat. Allow to dry.
  3. Apply another 1-2 coats as required.
  4. Spraying: Airless spray recommended. Use a 0.33 to 0.38mm (13 – 15 thou) orifice, 10cm fan (dependent on job) with a regulated pump pressure of 350-400 kPa (50 – 55 psi) tip pressure. Back brushing is recommended to achieve an even finish. Use normal protection i.e. mask, overalls. Watch your overspray. Wash off with soap and water before it dries.
  • Interior timber such as Cedar, Cypress, Oregon, Australian hardwoods and Pine Lining Boards.
  • Ideal for wall panelling, furniture, doors, joinery and other interior woodwork.
SDS VOC Certificate