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A penetrating natural oil preservative for timber.

  • Water wash up
  • Non-flammable, no requirements for precautions with oily rags and equipment
  • Low odour (Mild Eucalyptus smell)
  • Penetrating oil that bind wood fibres together to protect against moisture, mould and mildew
  • Prevent swelling and shrinking of the timber that causes cupping, splitting and warping
  • Will not affect plants, shrubs and trees
  • Won’t crack, peel or flake
  • Environmentally responsible, bio-based, ecologically sustainable product
  • Easy to apply, cost effective to maintain
  • No sanding between coats, highlights timber’s natural grain and beauty
  • Repels water (Beads)
Price :


Natural and Quantum Transparent Stain Colours
Low Sheen
<190g per litre
New Timber >10m² per litre, Old Timber 6-10m² per litre, Rough Sawn Timber 4-6m² per litre
Timber must feel dry to the touch before further applications. Drying times under normal conditions are within 24 up to 48 hours. Drying time can be affected by a number of factors including the density & porosity of timbers, temperature and humidity. Do not apply if temperature is below 15°C or above 30°C.
Clean Up
4L, 10L & 15L
Product Code
  1. New timber: SAP STRIP to remove all extractives and sterilise any fungus or mould. This will help to open the timber grain, and remove mill glaze assisting with the penetration of the coating.
  2. Old Timber: Wash with DEX PREP and a strong jet of water to rid the surface of oxidisation (greying). Note: Timber does not need to be dry prior to first coating.
  3. Apply the first coat liberally to allow the coating to soak into the cracks and grain as much as possible. Allow to dry.
  4. Apply a second coat once the timber feels dry to the touch.
  • Apply as a clear oil which fades to a natural silver finish, or apply using one of Quantums transparent stain colours to enhance and maintain the timber.
  • Suitable for use on: Exterior timber including weatherboards, doors, plywood, log buildings, decks, shutters, garage doors, joinery, fences, posts, fascia boards, outdoor furniture, spa pools and engineered products.
  • Interior timber including beams.
  • Not suitable for use on: Bamboo and acetylated wood.
SDS VOC Certificate - Exterior VOC Certificate - Decking Product Information Guide