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A biodegradable paint remover designed to remove old and/or weathered coatings from sound exterior timber surfaces.

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2.5 m2 per litre

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1L, 4L, 10L & 15L

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  1. Good preparation is key to a professional looking, long lasting finish. Remove any loose or peeling paint and obvious solid soil or dusty agglomerates.
  2. Wet Test a small area prior to application to determine the thickness (generally 3mm) of QSTRIP required and note the time (minimum 40 minutes) needed to allow it to work
  3. Apply using a brush, roller or applicator pad, and leave QSTRIP for a minimum of 40 minutes to soften and dissolve the film. Thicker coatings may take a few hours. It is advisable to check a small area with a palette knife. If it removes easily proceed with the entire area.
  4. On stubborn coatings use a stiff broom or brush, (pay close attention to cracks and grooves), then remove by scraping, scrubbing or power wash.
  5. Generally, two applications will work, however sometimes a third application may be required. Leave to dry and examine. Repeat process in any areas that have not been removed until the entire area is acceptable.
  • Designed for timber but may be applied to glass, metal, concrete, plaster or masonry. (Refer to technical)