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A biodegradable paint remover designed to remove old and/or weathered coatings from sound exterior timber surfaces.

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2.5 m2 per litre

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1L, 4L, 10L & 15L

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  1. The removal process depends upon the type of coating and the number of coats that are being removed. Test a small area prior to application to determine the thickness of the QSTRIP required and the time needed to allow it to work. Generally two applications will work, however sometimes a third application may be required.
  2. Leave QSTRIP for a minimum of 40 minutes to soften and dissolve the film. Thicker coatings may take a few hours.
  3. On stubborn coatings use a stiff broom or brush (pay attention to cracks and grooves), then remove by scraping, scrubbing or power wash.
  4. When the film is completely removed wash with water and then allow to dry.
  • Designed for timber but may be applied to glass, metal, concrete, plaster or masonry. (Refer to technical)