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A water based, single pack, tannin resistant, clear urethane floor finish.

  • Fast drying, apply multiple coats in one day.
  • Tannin blocking.
  • Very smooth flow and self-levelling finish.
  • Non-toxic and low odour.
  • Complies with the Green Building Council Australia: Green Star – Office Design v3 & Office As Built v3, Table IEQ-13.1: Maximum TVOC Content Limits for Paints, Varnishes and Protective Coatings (Maximum limit for “One and two pack performance coatings for floors “EU Directive” – 140 g/L).
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Matt, Satin & Gloss


<96g per litre. Refer to VOC certificates for more information. VOC is dependent on gloss level


First coat – 10-12m2 per litre. Subsequent coats up to 16m2 per litre


Touch Dry – 30 minutes. Recoat – 2 hours. Light foot traffic: 16 hours. Normal traffic – 72 hours. (In cooler or humid conditions drying times will be longer)

Clean Up



4L & 10L

Product Code


  1. Ensure the surface is free of dirt, grease and loose material.
  2. Fill holes with wood filler and allow to dry.
  3. Sand to a smooth finish in the direction of the grain, remove dust.
  4. If required apply AQUASTAIN in the colour of your choice.
  5. Applying a minimum of 3 coats of MICROFLOOR, sanding between coats with 240 grit paper
  6. Previously coated timber: sand off all old coating before applying MICROFLOOR. Follow directions above. Note: always test recycled timber for adhesion prior to full application.
  • Interior timber floors and trims
SDS VOC Certificate