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A premium, exterior, transparent, penetrating timber finish, to enhance the natural grain and hues of timber without concealing them. Final undertones tend towards a reddish gold.

  • Environmentally responsible – made from bio based, ecologically sustainable products.
  • Non-toxic, low odour.
  • Water repellent, helps to prevent the swelling and shrinking of the timber that causes cracking and splintering.
  • UV resistant, contains UV absorbers.
  • Mildew and fungal resistant.
  • Touch up weathered areas as they occur, no need for a full recoat.
Price :





Low Sheen


<144g per litre


Old timber may use up to 1 litre per 2 m2, New timber may use up to 1 litre per 7 m2 per litre. First coat may use more depending upon the porosity of the timber.


Touch Dry – 12-24 hours, Recoat – 24 hours. In cooler or humid conditions drying times will be longer. Do not apply if temperature is below 15°C or above 30°C.

Clean Up



1L, 4L, 10L & 20L

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  1. New timber – power wash using SAP STRIP to remove all extractives and sterilise any fungus or mould. This will also help open up the timber and remove mill glaze to assist with penetration of the coating.
  2. Old timber – Wash with DEX PREP and a strong jet of water to rid the surface of oxidisation (greying). Test adhesion in a small area.
  3. Apply the first coat liberally to allow penetration, allow to dry.
  4. Apply two more coats, allow 24 hour dry time between coats.
  5. Spraying: Airless spray recommended. Use a 0.33 to 0.38mm (13 – 15 thou) orifice, 10cm fan (dependent on job) with a regulated pump pressure of 350-400 kPa (50 – 55 psi) tip pressure. Back brushing is recommended to achieve an even finish. Use normal protection i.e. mask, overalls. Watch your overspray. Wash off with soap and water before it dries.
  6. Renewing finish – hose off dust, dirt or salt. Apply one good coat. If coating has eroded back to bare timber then a timber clear will be required.
  • Softwood - Exterior timber such as Cedar, Cypress, Oregon and treated pine. Excellent on broad surface areas and outdoor furniture.
SDS VOC Certificate