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A deeply penetrating water based oil which nourishes and protects the timber resulting in a durable, matt, natural looking finish. Designed and manufactured in Australia to protect your timber deck from harsh Australian conditions.

  • Fast drying, one hour recoat, replace furniture 4 hours after completion of second coat
  • No odour / low VOC
  • Durable, water resistant timber finish that will weather naturally without risk of flaking, blistering or peeling
  • Resists stains, dirt and mould helping the timber stay fresh and clean
  • Water repellent minimises cracking and splitting of the timber by creating a protective barrier that reduces water penetration
  • Environmentally responsible – made from bio-based, ecologically sustainable products


Price :


Natural or Tinted to one of Quantum’s Transparent Stains.
<38g per litre
10-14m2 per litre depending on the porosity of the timber. First coat will use more than subsequent coats.
Recoat - One hour. Replace Furniture 4 hours. (In cooler or humid conditions drying times will be longer. Do not apply if temperature is below 15°C or above 30°C. Do not apply in full sun or when rain or heavy dew is expected within 36 hours).
Clean Up
Product Code
  1. After cleaning (refer to surface preparation), spray a light mist of water over the deck prior to coating to help ECODEX QUIX to penetrate the timber.
  2. Stir ECODEX QUIX thoroughly with a broad flat paddle before and during application.
  3. Using a brush, roller, applicator or spray, apply ECODEX QUIX liberally along the length of the boards. Coat no more than 2 to 3 boards at a time to maintain a wet edge and prevent lap marks.
  4. After 1-hour dry time, apply a second coat.
  5. If desired a third coat may be applied. (Note: the second coat may be slightly slower drying so a 2 hour recoat is recommended).
  • Exterior decking and walkways