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Dip/Timber treatment coatings can in many circumstances be a very quick and economical way of coating products such as wooden furniture, panels, sheds, cubby houses, screens, timber chips and prefinished decking with preservatives.

Quantum Dip coating is an oil-based dispersion supplied in water, exhibiting fast water release characteristics and outstanding adhesion and toughness. It incorporates a synthetic micronized wax imparting a high degree of water and scuff resistance. It is a non toxic, non flammable and environmentally responsible coating.

Quantum Dip is easy and very quick to use by dipping your product for 10 – 15 seconds and leaving it to drip-dry. The coating deeply penetrates the timber during the dip process and binds together the wood fibres to provide protection against moisture attack (including the end grain and hard to get to areas).