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ECODEX QUIX Decking Finish

As the summer season wraps up and we get ready for the colder months, we have seen some spectacular deck transformations using Quantum’s ECODEX QUIX Decking Finish.

ECODEX QUIX is a penetrating, water based oil which will nourish and protect your timber deck. Specifically designed and manufactured in Australia to protect your timber deck from the harsh Australian conditions. See why so many people love ECODEX QUIX.

FAST RECOAT –  1 HOUR This deeply penetrating oil allows you to recoat after one (1) hour and to replace your furniture 4 hours after completion of the second coat.

COLOUR ECODEX QUIX is available in a lightly pigmented natural colour to provide a natural looking finish. It may also be tinted to highlight the characteristics of common Australian timbers.

DURABLE ECODEX QUIX is a durable, water resistant timber finish that will weather naturally without risk of flaking, blistering or peeling.

DIRT & MOULD RESISTANT  This natural looking finish resists stains, dirt and mould helping the timber stay fresh and clean.

WATER REPELLENT ECODEX QUIX minimises cracking and splitting of the timber by creating a protective barrier that reduces water penetration.

BIO-BASED / LOW VOC Environmentally responsible – made from bio based, ecologically sustainable products, ECODEX QUIX has no odour and is low VOC.

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