Benefits and Barriers of Sustainable Building Construction – Financial & Ecological

Jun 29, 2022 | News

Still not sure if you should adopt sustainable building methods. Take a look at the list below to find out why you should get on the band wagon. Let’s talk what you can expect to get out of sustainability – Financial and Ecological.


Lower construction costs:

  • High performing sustainable building products usually result in spending less money on labour costs.
  • Less time on site – lowering building costs and shortening construction period.

Consumer demands for sustainability result in higher value:

  • Many consumer’s care about the environment and often seek out businesses that share their values.
  • Corporate social responsibility is not just considered a bonus – it is now at the forefront of what influences buyers.

Higher property values for greener buildings and houses:

  • People are willing to pay more for structures that have been ethically built.
  • ROI are consistently higher for buildings that are green certified.

Lower operating costs:

  • Cost saving on utility bills when buildings use sustainable materials and clever designs.
  • Green certified buildings that actively incorporate sustainability throughout the project will receive the maximum returns.

Reduce waste:

  • Recycled materials absorb and store carbon instead of releasing this into the atmosphere.

Lower carbon emissions:

  • Renewable building materials conserve an enormous amount of energy that would normally enter the manufacturing process.

Use fewer natural resources:

  • The use of natural, non depletable resources ensure we do not run out of resources and use only what is required with less wastage.

However, there are some barriers to sustainable construction. We cannot just provide the benefits without highlighting the barriers. Some of the obstacles include:

  • Few incentives for builders and individuals to adopt sustainable building including rebates, shipping delays for resources and lack of resources
  • High initial costs. Some individuals especially homeowners may not have the funds to adopt this type of build for the entirety of the build. May only do this for the portion of the build.
  • Not enough government guidance. Individuals and companies not understanding what sustainable building means.
Source: TPM Builders Commercial Construction