Why adding a timber deck is always a good idea

A timber deck is a huge part of the Australian lifestyle. Countless renovation and lifestyle shows have shown time and time again that not only is a deck great for social activities and weekend get-togethers, but it is also a great return on investment (ROI).

So why should you think about adding a timber deck to your home?

  1. Timber is easy to work with, clean, cut, shape, stain and paint
  2. Timber is a renewable resource (natural material) – lowers footprints
  3. Maximises living space – an extension of your home (indoor/outdoor family) an ideal option to use any previously unused area/space for a growing family’s needs
  4. Provides an alfresco living space
  5. Enhances the appearance and value of your property – mix of functionality and style factors to instantly transform your space while boosting your properties value.
  6. Ideal entertainment area for parties, birthdays and social gatherings.
  7. Timber decks are a natural extension of the kitchen with the potential for exterior facilities such as inbuilt bbq’s, sinks, kitchens etc. A great way to keep your guests outside thereby minimising the amount of cleaning and disruption in your home after your guests leave.
  8. Added health benefits. A timber deck allows for a space to relax and spend time outside in peaceful surroundings.

Timber decks do have a couple of drawbacks though…

Boards can weaken or rot over time. It is vital to maintain your deck and repair and replace any boards to prevent further damage to the deck and anyone who will use the deck (decks are high foot traffic areas). A deck will need annual coating maintenance. Living in Australia we are blessed to have far more sunnier days than cold weather throughout the year, so preparing and coating your deck annually is a must! Especially as UV damage will wear a coating and visually make a deck look older than it really is. It is also vital to annually coat your deck if you want to show it off in the spring summer months.

Timber decks are an investment worth protecting, Quantum Timber Finishes range of decking coatings are ideal for any type of decking and maintenance you may require throughout the year.  No matter what type of finish, colour and feel, Quantum Timber Finishes Decking coatings are all water wash up and easy to apply, leaving you more time to enjoy your deck.

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