How to care for your paint brushes

To achieve a great paint finish every time, always work in sections and only paint until you see a natural break before stopping. Do not paint over any areas that are partially dry as this will result in brush marks on the surface. If you notice any drops or runs […]

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Congratulations you now have a beautifully coated deck

But, what do you do with the left over paint? As paint users we should always properly manage and if necessary dispose of any leftover paint (if you are not planning on using it anymore). To minimise clutter, avoid any spills or unsafe disposal practices, it is important to consider […]

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Preparing to Stain your Deck

Follow these guidelines to prepare your deck for staining or painting. This will not only prepare the deck for the desired finish, but is vital for an even, smooth finish. Before your apply the stain or solid colour, make sure the surface is clean (no dust, dirt, wood fibres or […]

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