To shine or not to shine? Why not combine both finishes…

As consumers we are spoilt by choice with a wide range of interior timber finishes available in the market. Australia is continually craving for more information and imagery due to hugely popular renovation shows and social media such as Instagram.

Selecting the right gloss level for your timber surfaces will not only depend on the final look you are after, but you will also need to consider the functionality factors of each gloss level for the timber you want to coat.

Differences between Gloss Levels

Quantum’s range of MICROCLEAR and INVISISEAL clear timber finishes have been designed to provide varying gloss levels for a range of applications for your home. Being bio based, ecologically sustainable products, these non-toxic, low odour finishes are a safe way to instantly transform a room while protecting your timber finishes.

MICROCLEAR is a single pack, water based, clear urethane for interior and exterior semi shaded timber. Available in matt, satin and gloss, this fast drying urethane ensures multiple coats can be applied in a day. Added UV stabilisers make it low yellowing and it can also be tinted with Quantum’s transparent or solid opaque stains to achieve a wide range of colours. Ideal for timber such as furniture, doors, windows, cupboards, storage units and skirting boards. Semi exterior uses include eaves, doors and windows and feature walls.

INVISISEAL is a clear matt finish for interior concrete, masonry and timber. This low allergenic coating can be sprayed on site with minimal odour and it will act as a water and dust repellent. Interior vertical surfaces and ceilings of porous substrates such as concrete, masonry, mud brick and timber are ideal for INVISISEAL where a clear matt finish is required.

Both MICROCLEAR and INVISISEAL comply with the Green Building Council Australia: Green Star – Office Design v3 & Office As Built, Table IEQ-13.1 Maximum TVOC Content Limits for Paints, Varnishes and Protective Coatings.

By combing a mixture of matt and gloss finishes to your timber surfaces you can merge practicality and functionality to create a bold and unique space, but also ensure you receive the associated benefits of each gloss level.

For more information on MICROCLEAR, INVISISEAL or Gloss levels, contact our friendly Quantum sales representatives.

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