Preparing to Stain your Deck

Follow these guidelines to prepare your deck for staining or painting. This will not only prepare the deck for the desired finish, but is vital for an even, smooth finish.

Before your apply the stain or solid colour, make sure the surface is clean (no dust, dirt, wood fibres or grease), dry and free from mildew. For best results clean all timber prior to application of coatings with Quantum’s Conditioners and Cleaners. This will prevent early adhesion failure and drying issues due to contamination caused by tannin’s and extractive’s.

Depending on the condition of the timber deck will determine which preparation product you will need to use. Refer to Product Selector Chart – Decking for more information.

New Timber Deck

SAP STRIP: Wood Conditioner

  1. Remove surface dirt by sweeping or hosing the bare deck
  2. Dissolve 300g of SAP STRIP in 5 litres of hot water
  3. Apply mixture with stiff broom or brush. Leave for 15-30 minutes
  4. Wash the deck with a strong jet of water to remove residual cleaner
  5. Apply desired Quantum decking finish

Old Timber Deck

DEX PREP: Timber Brightener

  1. Remove surface dirt by sweeping or hosing bare deck
  2. Shake DEX PREP thoroughly and mix in plastic container or bucket
  3. Wet the surface to be cleaned
  4. Apply mixture with a stiff broom or brush. Leave for 10-15 minutes
  5. Wash the deck with a strong jet of water or power washer to remove residual cleaner
  6. Apply desired Quantum decking finish

POWER CLEAN: Removes old residual oil based coating

  1. Wet the surrounding area
  2. Apply undiluted POWER CLEAN to the surface for approximately 10 minutes (Do not let the product dry on the surface)
  3. Using a stiff bristle broom, scrub the surface to see if the coating has lifted
  4. Use a strong jet of water or pressure wash to rinse the surface of the timber. Repeat if necessary
  5. Follow with DEX PREP to neutralise the timber and rid the surface of any darkening which may occur in the cleaning process

Q-STRIP: Paint Remover

  1. Leave Q-STRIP for a minimum of 45 minutes and dissolve the paint film
  2. Remove by scraping, scrubbing or power washing. When film is removed wash with water and allow the deck to dry

Refer to the product data sheets for more information or download a copy of Cleaning Your Exterior Timber for Coating flyer for further information.

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