Planning on staining or painting a deck?

Help protect and restore your deck by following three simple steps.

Quantum Timber Finishes understands not all decks are the same, choosing the correct preparation and decking finishes can be overwhelming. The process is easy if you follow these three steps.

1. Choose the right cleaning / preparation product: Depending on whether your deck is old and previously coated or a new deck will determine which product you will need to use to prepare the deck.

DEX PREP: A timber brightener for exposed grey timber and dirty timber.

Q-STRIP: A paint remover. Removes old paint and dirt. Returns timber to its natural state.

POWER CLEAN: Removes old and residual oil and dirt. Returns timber to its natural state.

SAP STRIP: Removes mill glaze, tannins and extractives from all new timber under 12 months old. Where full weathering has not occurred.

2. Choose the right finish for your deck: The choice of decking finish will depend on the appearance and durability you want to achieve.

Preservation Only: Natural oiled finishes that protect and preserve the timber. Provides an optimum view of the natural wood grain. QUANTEC

Natural or Transparent Colour: Rich pigmented colours that allow the natural wood grain to show through.  ECODEX QUIX & TIMBRE PLUS DECKING

Solid Colour: Will help to cover up wood blemishes or unsightly grains within the timber. Will fill minor surface defects such as cracking and splitting. ENVIROLOC

3. Use the right project materials for the job: Your project checklist should include the following items. Having these items on hand will make preparing and finishing the deck a much easier experience.

  • Gloves
  • Safety Glasses
  • Broom
  • bucket
  • Garden hose or power washer
  • Sanding sponges
  • Stiff synthetic – bristle brush
  • 4″ brush
  • Roller
  • Extension pole

Need more information? Download our Decking Product Selector Chart, or browse our Exterior Deck Stain Colours.

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