DIP/ Timber Treatment

Seljak Pty. Ltd.

In 2006 Quantum Timber Finishes Pty. Ltd. opened their sister company Seljak Pty. Ltd. to cater for Commercial/Industrial production coating.

Dip/Timber treatment coatings can in many circumstances be a very quick and economical way of coating products such as wooden chairs, panels, sheds and pre-treating wooden sections with preservatives.

Quantum- DIP/Timber Treatments

The coating is an oil-based dispersion supplied in water, exhibiting fast water release characteristics and having outstanding adhesion and toughness. It incorporates a synthetic micronized wax imparting a high degree of water and scuff resistance.  It is a non toxic, non flammable, environmentally responsible coating.


Quantum – Dip/Timber Treatments are easy and very quick to use by dipping your product for 10 – 15 seconds and leaving it to drip-dry.  Quantum – Dip/Timber Treatments are deeply penetrating Timber Finishes.


Quantum – Dip/Timber Treatments bind together the wood fibres in the timber and so provides protection against moisture attack (including the end grain and hard to get at areas).

DIP/Timber Treatment Systems Available

Aquatec-Available as a fast or slow drying water repellent timber preservative/ stabiliser.

Furniture DIP/Timber Treatment- Fast drying standard dip/Timber Treatment with preservatives for Spa cabinets, Seats, Furniture etc. Tinted ‘semi’ transparent colours.

Quantec Heavy Duty DIP/Timber Treatment-Slow drying penetrating coating with stabilising preservative treatment for decking and items that need a durable coating. Unattractive to boring insects.


  • Penetrates & conditions the timber – natural timber still visible.
  • Retains the natural surface texture and grain of the timber.
  • Water repellent, with mildew, algae and fungal protection.
  • Clean up with water.
  • Easy to topcoat with Quantum product compatible with most coatings, no sanding required.
  • Helps prevent shrinking and swelling of timber, which causes cupping and warping.
  • Available in a good range of transparent colours to suit your product.
  • Use on most timber surfaces / products, (small to large scale).
  • Large time savings and increases efficiency of production.
  • Manufactured in Australia – Available in 20Lt, 200Lt and up to 1000Lt.
  • Low VOCs.
  • Non Flammable.
  • Non Toxic.
  • Non Hazardous.
  • Work Safe friendly.

For more information call Seljak/Quantum on (03) 9776 8831 or free call 1800 053 018.