Coating Exterior Timber (Vertical) Surfaces

Painting vertical exterior surfaces can be a daunting and laborious task, especially when at times it seems the surface area that needs to be covered can be quite large.

TIMBRE PLUS VERTICALS (TPV) has been designed specifically for vertical application on both soft and hardwoods. This environmentally responsible, non-toxic, low odour, bio based, ecologically sustainable product has a teflon wax incorporated into the product that helps to aid beading and repel water. TPV contains UV absorbers which means it is UV resistant. This oil based, water reducible coating may be tinted to Quantum’s range of transparent stain colours and ensures oustanding surface toughness.

Exterior vertical surfaces include such items as doors, windows, weatherboards, cladding, garage doors and even feature walls. When applying a finish it is important to properly prepare the surface area before applying the desired coating.

If applying TPV on new timber, begin by power washing the surface using SAP STRIP to remove all extractives and to sterilise any fungus or mould. This will also help to open up the timber and remove mill glaze to assist with penetration of the coating.

On the other hand, if applying TPV on older timber, it will require a wash with DEX PREP and a strong jet of water to rid the surface of oxidisation (greying).

Apply the first coat of TPV liberally to allow penetration. Allow to dry. Follow up with two more coats, allow 4-6 hours dry time between coats.

If TPV has already been previously applied – to renew the finish, simply hose off dust, dirt or salt and apply one good coat of TPV. Note: if the coating has eroded back to bare timber then a timber cleaner will be required. For more information see our TIMBRE PLUS VERTICALS datasheet and label.

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