Quantum Timber Finishes began in 1992 following requests to develop a treatment that would work in extreme weather conditions. All products have been developed by Quantum and are unique in their formulation. 

All products are manufactured on site and tested in practical commercial applications prior to marketing. Exposure testing is carried out in Coastal and Alpine areas. 

we have access to a number of local & overseas research & development facilities providing advanced research facilities.

previous major projects include; Cape Shank Resort, Eureka Centre, Ballarat, Dinner Plain Village, Mt Hotham, The Trail of the Elephants at Melbourne Zoo and Vic Roads sound panels.

Our staff are experts in the field and provide technical on and off site assistance.

Maintaining Ecological Balance with Environmentally Sustainable Products

At quantum we dedicate ourselves to ecologically sustainable products. In order to marry ecological concerns with durability of our products we conduct research within our company and source outside technologies to develop products which are both effective and safe.
All quantum Aquaoil & Timbre Plus finishes are formulated from vegetable derived resinated oils sourced entirely from renewable resources and are made using the very minimum of volatile organic compounds (voc’s) that do not have a petro chemical base. VOCs are organic chemical compounds that have a high enough vapour pressure to enter the atmosphere. All our finishes have a very low voc content and reactive nature which have proved to be of benefit both to the environment and those who suffer from paint allergies.
The drive behind our ongoing research is to further develop products that out perform in the wood care field whilst minimising the impact on the environment. All of our products are formulated and manufactured on our premises in Seaford, Victoria. This enables us to monitor the factory process assuring us and our customers of the highest quality, environmentally friendly products on the market.