Environmentally Sustainable, Environmentally Responsible.

Quantum are specialists in Bio Based Timber Conditioners and Finishes.

At Quantum we dedicate ourselves to ecologically sustainable products. Our products are formulated from vegetable derived resinated oils sourced entirely from renewable resources. Our finishes have a low VOC content and reactive nature which has proved to be of benefit both to the environment and those who suffer from paint allergies. From architects to professional tradesmen right through to the home handy man, Quantum Timber Finishes are easy to apply and designed for the Australian conditions.

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Preparing to Stain your Deck

Follow these guidelines to prepare your deck for staining or painting. This will not only prepare the deck for the desired finish, but is vital for an even, smooth finish. Before your apply the stain or solid colour, make sure the surface is clean (no dust, dirt, wood fibres or […]

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Sowelo Tiny Houses

Sowelo Tiny Houses are bridging the affordability gap of the great Australian dream of owning your own home with their beautifully crafted tiny houses. With a clear focus on high quality craftsmanship, contemporary, functional designs that incorporate new, innovative products and materials, these sustainable tiny houses do not minimise on […]

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